Topsoil* (Screened and Unscreened)

Un-screened topsoil will contain roots, rocks and other debris, but is a cost effective choice when you need to fill large areas.

Screened topsoil is processed to remove the large objects that are found in un-screened top soil and is largely inert.

Landscape Mix Premium Compost

Greens Mix

McGill’s LandscapeMix is popular option when establishing and rebuilding planting beds. Use for backfilling around newly-planted trees, shrubs and foundation plantings. It’s also a good choice for topdressing.

Average pH is approx. 8.0

Greens mix is a combination of sand and compost, great for topdressing your lawn.

Soil Builder Premium Compost

We carry McGill’s Soil Builder Premium Compost. It is ideal for use as a topdressing or soil amendment. It helps to rebuild poor soil by increasing organic matter, replenishing the soil microbes responsible for nutrient uptake and improving water management. 

Average pH range is 7.5-8.0



(Top Soil / Compost Blend*)

Our soil/compost blend, that we call “50/50” is a mix of screened top soil and Soil Builder. Please note that our screened top soil is usually a sandy loam mix. Read more about sandy loam here.

* Please note:  We do not claim that our soils are clear of any debris.  Due to the NATURAL condition of soils, we double screen our topsoil.  Even then, some smaller rocks/clumps/organic and/or inorganic debris may slip thru the screener.  We do, however, assure you that we make every attempt to provide you with the cleanest, natural product and under no circumstances would we ever be less than completely honest in representing our products.

 UNSCREENED TOPSOIL:  soil that has been removed from the top of an area.  Some soils are cleaner than others and some soils contain more organic matter and are more loamy than others.  Locally sourced soils are sandy — that is the NATURE of Southern Wake county soil.  Usually these soils are largely inert, but in some cases, they may contain naturally derived nutrients and micro nutrients.  This soil type is ideal for filling holes.

 SCREENED TOPSOIL: same as above except we have processed it thru a double screened screener removing any larger debris such as trash, rocks, limbs, etc.  This soil is ideal for using as topdressing for lawns, gardens, or backfilling.

 50/50 BLEND:  this soil mix is a combination of our SCREENED TOPSOIL & * MCGILL’S COMPOST.  It could contain some debris due to the sourcing of both materials (natural conditions) but should some debris slip thru, it is easily removed with a stiff rake.  This mix is ideal for gardens, lawns (topdressing), laying sod, or sowing fresh grass seed.  NOTE:  sandy soils can get very hard in dry conditions.  The addition of the compost provides more water retention qualities as well as organic matter.

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