We carry both screened and un-screened top soil. The un-screened top soil will contain roots, rocks and other debris,  but is a cost effective choice when you need to fill large areas. Screened top soil is processed to remove the large objects that are found in un-screened top soil and is largely inert. If you’re planning to seed, sod, or install plants, we highly recommend our 50/50 product.
Soil Builder Premium Compost
We carry McGill’s Soil Builder Premium Compost. It is ideal for use as a topdressing or soil amendment. It helps to rebuild poor soil by increasing organic matter, replenishing the soil microbes responsible for nutrient uptake and improving water management.
Top Soil / Compost Blend

Our soil/compost blend, that we call “50/50” is a mix of screened top soil and Soil Builder. 50/50 is a great choice when top dressing an area that will be seeded or used in garden beds. Please not that our screened top soil is usually a sandy loam mix. Read more about sandy loam here.

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