All of our mulches are triple shredded and we carry Basic Wood Mulch, a Hardwood Bark Mulch, and three Designer Mulches. Our mulch products are 100% natural and do not contain any processed material such as pallets. The Designer mulch is dyed using a vegetable dye that is harmless to plants. 

Basic Wood Mulch

Our Basic Wood Mulch is a natural, triple-shredded product. It does not contain pallets, treated lumber, or other processed materials.

Hardwood Bark Mulch

Hardwood Bark Mulch is a triple-shredded mulch that is made entirely from the bark of hardwood trees. It is 100% natural.

Designer Mulch

Designer Mulch is a triple-shredded hardwood mulch that is colored with a water-based, non-toxic vegetable dye that is harmless to the environment. Colors available are Black, Chocolate, and Red.

Designer Chocolate

Designer Black

Designer Red

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