ABC (Crush-n-Run)

Aggregate Base Course

Applications include Road Base, Driveways, Gravel Roads, Base Material for Foundation, Mudholes, Working Platform, Shoulder Material

Class B Rip Rap

Stone ranging from 5″-12″ in size.

Applications include Slope and Stream Stabilization, Drainage Ditches, Erosion Control

#57 Stone

Washed stone approximately 3/4″ in size.

Applications include Concrete, Asphalt Mix, Foundations, Backfill for Retaining Walls, French Drains, Driveways, Pipe Bedding, Landscaping, Parking Areas

#78 Pea Gravel

Washed stone approximately 3/8″ in size.

Applications include Walkways, Driveways, Concrete, Asphalt, Landscaping (Pea Gravel), Parking Areas


Mortar Sand

Applications include Mortar Mix for Block & Brick, Topdressing Ball Fields, Bioretention Mix

Concrete Sand

Granite Sand (Screenings)

Applications include Asphalt Mix, Horse Rings, Paver Base, Leveling Sand, Pipe Bedding, Landscaping, Parks and Baseball Fields, Walking Path, Agricultural Mix

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